You are currently viewing WWDC 2024: Anticipation and Final Rumors

WWDC 2024: Anticipation and Final Rumors

WWDC 2024: Anticipation and Final Rumors
wwdc 2024 where to watch

When and Where to Watch

Hi, everyone. WWDC 2024 is just one day away! The Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off at this time every year to showcase the next versions of Apple software. Developers and public beta testers will soon be able to try out these updates ahead of their public release later this year. Let’s dive into some last-minute leaks and rumors about what to expect with iOS 18 and more.

You can watch the event live on It’s prominently featured on their homepage and will be streamed at 10 AM Pacific Time (1 PM Eastern Time). You can also view it on the Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Vision Pro. Additionally, Apple will be live-streaming the event on their YouTube channel. For those who can’t watch the event live, I’ll be live-tweeting it on X (formerly Twitter) to keep you updated.

WWDC 24 Music Playlist

Apple has already released a WWDC 24 music playlist. You can find it on Apple Music by searching for “WWDC” or “WWDC 24.” This playlist, titled “WWDC 24 Hello,” features music that will likely be part of the event. Check it out if you want to get into the WWDC spirit early.

Major Changes in iOS 18

This year is expected to bring one of the most significant iOS updates in years. iOS 18 promises a refresh across nearly every app. For instance, the Photos, Health, and Fitness apps are rumored to undergo major redesigns. Siri is also set to receive substantial updates, including large language model integration, enhancing its usefulness beyond simple tasks like setting alarms.

Apple Intelligence and Icon Updacustomizationtes

Apple is reportedly integrating AI deeply into the OS under the branding “Apple Intelligence.” This integration aims to make the system more helpful and intuitive. In addition, icons in dark mode are expected to receive a refresh. Not only will the settings change, but the icons themselves might get a darker look, possibly with new designs.

Customization and Home Screen Changes

One of the most anticipated features is the ability to rearrange icons freely, moving away from the traditional grid. Users will also be able to group icons by color, providing more customization options. The Control Center will allow for more personalization, with the ability to create multiple pages for different functions, such as connections, music, and home controls.

New Password App

A new dedicated password app is rumored to be coming to iOS 18. This will replace the current method of accessing passwords through Settings. The app is expected to offer functionality similar to third-party password managers like 1Password or LastPass, making it easier to manage and view your passwords.

Notifications and App Locking

iOS 18 will likely bring improvements to notifications, offering new options for summarization and better organization. Additionally, one of the most requested features, the ability to lock individual apps using Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode, is finally expected to be included. This will allow for enhanced privacy and security across apps.

Messages and Old School WallpapersIOS 18 MESSAGING UPDATE

Updates to the Messages app are anticipated, including new options for replies and the ability to use any emoji as a reaction. Users will also be able to schedule messages. Apple is expected to introduce classic wallpaper packs, including designs from past iOS versions and iconic phrases like “Think Different.”

Calculator App for iPad

A long-awaited feature, the Calculator app, is finally expected to come to the iPad. While many have found alternatives, having a native calculator app will ensure consistency across Apple devices.

Specific Changes for iPadOS and macOS

For iPadOS, specific changes are not heavily rumored, but it will likely inherit many features from iOS 18. There is hope for a significant update to the Files app, possibly transforming it into a more Mac-like Finder experience. macOS 15 is also expected to receive updates in line with iOS, including settings changes and enhanced functionality.

Developer and TVOS Updates

Xcode is set to gain AI integration to assist with auto-completing code, which will be a boon for developers. TVOS 18 will probably include updates to Siri, extending the new capabilities across all Apple platforms, including HomePod OS 18 and Vision OS 2.

WatchOS and Hardware AnnouncementsMark gurman announcement

For watchOS 11, the focus appears to be on minor updates and Siri enhancements. We should not expect significant changes here. In terms of hardware, no major announcements are anticipated during WWDC 2024. While there were initial hopes for updates to the Mac Studio, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro with new processors, these are now expected to arrive later, possibly with M4 chipsets.

Beta Testing iOS 18

For those eager to test iOS 18, the developer betas are usually released shortly after the event. Public beta versions typically follow around the time of beta 2. To join the public beta testing, you can sign up at and switch to public beta in the software update settings once available.

Additional Developer Sessions

After the keynote, Apple will hold additional sessions for developers, including the State of the Union address. The Developer app will be updated with the complete schedule, providing insights into all the new features and how developers can leverage them in their apps.

Looking Forward

There’s a lot to look forward to with iOS 18 and other updates expected at WWDC 2024. While a full redesign isn’t anticipated, the extensive refresh across apps and new customization options will significantly enhance the user experience. Let us know in the comments what you’re most excited about.

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