You are currently viewing Apple iOS 18 Beta 1: Top 20 Standout Features and Changes

Apple iOS 18 Beta 1: Top 20 Standout Features and Changes

Exploring the Top Features of iOS 18 Beta 1

Hey everyone, it’s your tech guide from, and today, I’ve got the scoop on Apple’s latest release: iOS 18 beta 1. In this blog, I’ll be showcasing over 20 standout features and changes that come with this update. So, let’s dive right in!

Home Screen Customization

ios 18 Home Screen Customization

The biggest change in iOS 18 is the ability to customize your home screen like never before. Now, you can move icons freely around the grid, change their size, and even customize their colors. Here’s how it works see photos.

Ios 18 Control Center RedesignControl Center Redesign

Another major overhaul comes with the new Control Center design. It’s like nothing Apple has shipped before, resembling a jailbroken iPhone.

Ios 18 update App Locking with Face ID

App Locking with Face ID

iOS 18 introduces the long-awaited feature of locking applications with Face ID. Here’s how you can now secure your apps with facial recognition.


Squeeze Animations and Minor Details

Squeeze Animations and Minor DetailsIn addition to major changes, iOS 18 brings attention to minor yet delightful details, such as squeeze animations and subtle volume button animations.


Messages App EnhancementsiOS 18 Messages App Enhancements

The Messages app receives significant upgrades, including the ability to react with any emoji and apply effects to individual words or characters. Here’s what’s new.

Scheduled Text MessagesIos 18 beta messaging update

A feature many have been waiting for: scheduled text messages. Now, you can compose a message and schedule it to send at a later time.

Calculator App ImprovementsIos 18 Beta Calculator App Improvements

Yes, even the Calculator app gets a makeover in iOS 18. Here’s what’s changed and how it enhances your daily calculations.

Lock Screen Customization

iOS 18 finally allows customization of the lock screen shortcuts. Here’s how you can personalize your lock screen experience.
Eye Tracking Feature One of the most talked-about features in iOS 18 is eye tracking.

Settings App Changes

The Settings app gets a facelift and improved organization in iOS 18. Here’s a rundown of the notable changes in the photo.

iCloud Settings Revamp

iOS 18 brings a fresh look to iCloud settings, making it more intuitive and modern. Here’s what’s different. check photo.

T9 Dialing in Phone App

T9 dialing makes a comeback in iOS 18, allowing for quicker access to contacts. Here’s how you can use this feature: Heading: Live Audio Transcription in Notes The Notes app gets a powerful addition with live audio transcription. Here’s how you can now transcribe your voice memos in real-time.

Widget and Photos App Updates

Widgets and the Photos app receive significant updates in iOS 18. Here’s what’s new with these essential features: Heading: Passwords App Introduction Say hello to the new Passwords app! iOS 18 introduces a standalone application for managing passwords and security.

Apple Music Improvements

Lastly, Apple Music sees improvements in the queue management department. Here’s what’s changed and how it enhances your music listening experience.Apple Music Improvements

Conclusion and Call to Action That wraps up our detailed overview of iOS 18.

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