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Israeli Hostages: 4 Kidnapped, All Rescued

begin the news this morning. Israel’s military saying that they have rescued four Israeli hostages who were kidnaped by Hamas from the Nova music festival eight months ago. IDF says it was a complex special daytime operation. They say that all of the people rescued are in good medical condition, but have been taken to a medical center for precautionary check ups.

Israel says more than 130 hostages, though, still remain, with about a quarter of those believed to be dead. This operation is the largest recovery of a live hostages since the war started, bringing the total of rescued captives to seven. Now, all of this coming after Israeli military has announced a new ground and air assault in disapproval for a strike on a U.N. school in a refugee camp. And Israel’s military says it was a targeted strike on Hamas militants there. But dozens of civilians were also reportedly criticism growing stronger, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to visit Washington, DC, next month to address a joint session of Congress. So the State of Israel is in a difficult campaign on many fronts.

This effort is being carried out amidst complicated international pressure on us. But I can been is not what will be. We will change this reality. Prime Minister is scheduled to address Congress on July 24th. No word yet on if he will be meeting


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