You are currently viewing Top 10 Side Hustle Ideas for Busy Individuals in 2024 – proven strategies
Top 10 Money Making ideas in 2024

Top 10 Side Hustle Ideas for Busy Individuals in 2024 – proven strategies

Top 10 Side Hustle Ideas for Busy Individuals in 2024

In today’s fast-paced world, finding the time to earn some additional income can be quite hard to do. With demanding jobs, family commitments, and social obligations, many of us feel there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the things we want to do. This blog is here to help. We’ve compiled a list of 10 side hustle ideas tailored for busy people with limited time. Whether you’re looking to boost your savings, pay off debt, or simply have some extra spending money. These side hustles are designed to fit into your hectic schedule. We’ve tried to come up with some varied side hustle ideas, so you can find one that works for you based on your interests and what resources you have available. So please watch the video and stick around until the end because you may just find the perfect one for you. By this blog, we look for only the best and proven money-making methods to share with you guys and we’d appreciate your sharing the love. Just leave your question in the comments section and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

1.Selling Worm Poop- A Humorous Yet Profitable Venture

The first on the list is a rather amusing idea. But I thought it’d be great to start off with this one. It’s about selling worm poop. Yes, you heard correct,  worm poop selling. The process involves buying a bunch of earthworms and setting up a terrarium for them, essentially creating an earthworm farm. You collect their poop and sell it to gardeners, farmers, and horticulture enthusiasts, particularly those who value organic growing methods. According to a Reddit user, he sells worm poop by feeding the worms table scraps, which they turn into the best fertilizer in the world. Generally, worm poop sells for about $3 a pound. This is a very passive way to make some extra money and could even be scaled into a full-fledged business. I found this idea funny, but it’s definitely a viable way to earn some money, although it might be challenging to make a substantial income from it.

2. Niche Tutoring: Leveraging Your Professional Expertise

Next on our list is niche tutoring. If you find yourself pressed for time, it likely means you’re working hard and possibly in a well-paying job. This positions you well to offer tutoring in specialized subjects. For instance, as a pharmacist, you could help students prepare for the pharmacy college admissions test, PC8. During my college years, I did just that and earned over $100 per hour. While the demand wasn’t very high, tutoring a few times each month still brought in a substantial income, which was significant for a college student. You can do something similar by providing tutoring in a specific valuable subject area, and people will be willing to pay a good amount for your expertise.

3. Career Coaching: Guiding Others on the Path to Success

A similar opportunity is career coaching. If you’re in a successful career, or even an entry-level position that’s highly sought after, you can offer guidance to others. Essentially, you would coach people on the fastest and easiest ways to enter that career. Think of it as going back in time and advising your younger self on how to break into your field, saving time, effort, and money. You can do this for others and potentially earn hundreds of dollars per hour.

4. Resume Writing: Crafting Impactful Career Documents

Another similar option is resume writing. Focus specifically on creating resumes for your career field, as your first-hand experience will give you a keen understanding of what stands out. You can either craft the resumes for your clients or coach them on how to do it themselves. You can charge hundreds of dollars per resume, as your expertise allows you to make impactful improvements with minimal effort. I know individuals who have built seven-figure businesses from this, proving it’s a legitimate venture. It’s also a great way to earn extra money on the side.

5. Starting a YouTube Channel: Share and Earn

The next strategy is the one I used to escape my nine-to-five job, gain financial independence, and achieve the freedom to travel the world. I haven’t returned to the US in two years, as I’ve been traveling globally, all thanks to starting a YouTube channel. In my opinion, YouTube is the best social media platform for making money. Creating YouTube videos doesn’t take much time. You just need to share your existing expertise or document your journey to becoming an expert in a particular field. Audiences love following along with such journeys. This effort might only require a few hours each week. The potential rewards are enormous. Nearly 500 people in the US alone work full-time on YouTube, which is comparable to the population of a small country. Globally, this number is even more significant. These individuals earn a full-time income from their channels, and you could do the same with just a few hours of dedication each week. Within a year, you might also achieve a full-time income from YouTube.

6. Selling Unused Items: Turn Clutter into Cash

Next up is selling unused items. You can make a substantial amount of money by selling things you no longer use that are just sitting around your house or in storage. Many people earn thousands of dollars this way simply by getting rid of items that would otherwise collect dust. It’s a straightforward strategy, yet so many people overlook it despite having plenty of unused stuff they could sell to make extra money.

7. Flipping Items: Buy Low, Sell High

Another option is flipping items. If you’re knowledgeable about specific products such as furniture, you can buy and sell them for a profit. For example, if you know the market value of couches, you can purchase them at a low price, clean them up, and resell them for a significant markup. Many people make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by flipping furniture. In the US, couch flipping is particularly popular because people often buy expensive couches for $5,000 to $10,000. And a few years later, they sell them cheaply or even discard them when they get slightly worn. You can acquire these couches, refurbish them, and sell them for around half of their original price, making it a highly lucrative venture. Flipping items in general has always been a profitable side hustle. I’ve been involved in it since my teenage years. It’s one of the oldest side hustles around and remains effective. It requires patience, but can yield significant returns. For instance, if you’re familiar with car prices, you can buy a car for $2,000 and sell it a few months later for $3,500 with minimal effort.

8. Renting Out Your Car: Make Money from Your Idle Vehicle

Next is renting out your car. You can use an app like Turo to do this. If your car is just sitting idle while you’re at work, or if it’s not being used over the weekend, or if you have multiple cars and don’t use one of them, you might as well rent it out to earn some extra money. In many cities, you can make between $50 and $100 per day. Turo states that the average annual income from renting out one car is around $1,500.

9. Renting Out Unused Space and Tools: Monetize What You Already Own

Next up is renting out your unused space or household appliances and tools. You can do this through platforms like,,, or If you have extra space in your basement that’s not being used, you can rent it out for storage. This can be more cost-effective for people in your area compared to traditional storage units, and you can make money from otherwise unused space. Similarly, you can rent out tools, appliances, or other items from your garage that you rarely use. This requires minimal time, effort, or money, but can provide a good source of passive or semi-passive income.

10. Real Estate: Build Wealth Through Property Investment

The final option is real estate, one of the oldest and most reliable methods for making money over the past century. The process involves purchasing a property, often with a mortgage where you pay a 5 to 20% down payment, and then renting it out. This approach allows you to generate cash flow, build equity, and benefit from tax savings. It’s a highly effective side hustle, with numerous resources available online to guide you through the process.

Conclusion: Choose the Side Hustle That Fits You

There you have it. That ends today’s video where we showed you 10 different side hustle ideas for busy people. If you like what you’ve read, please comment below and if you want to see other online money-making strategies just like this one, check our website daily. Thanks.

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